Strategic Consultancy for IT Production Management.

Consultancy for IT Production Management

This Paper is the first of a four-part assessment of the issues facing IT Production Managers, and the Consultancy Approach used by Dennis Adams Associates Limited. The complete paper can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Consultancy for IT Production Management

Dennis Adams Associates provides a Specialised Management Consultancy Service to Managers who have responsibility for the day-to-day running of the IT Infrastructure Support Teams (a function which we describe as "IT Production").

Our approach is based on a conviction that Technology, alone, will not deliver improvements in IT Production.

What is needed is a Strategic Management Approach. This Approach must include Metrics, Operational Tools, Processes and Procedures, and Standards, to facilitate Pro-Active IT Production teams.

IT Production: the Engine Room of the IT Department

An IT department typically consists of two teams: "Development" and "Production".

The Development teams are the most visible side of IT - they are responsible for putting in new projects, deploying new solutions, developing new code, etc.

Typical IT Department Structure and responsibility breakdown But there is another, less glamorous, often forgotten, side to IT.

These are the Operating Systems engineers on call-out, the DBAs having to keep databases up and running, Operators, Help desk team and Network engineers.

These are the people who "keep the show running". This is the area that we call "IT Production"

Dennis Adams Associates specialises in providing Consultancy to help IT Production Managers, based on many years experience in this field, in many sectors, including Finance and Investment Banking.

Challenges facing IT Production...

Client-Focused IT Production...

Creating an IT Production Strategy...

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