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About Dennis Adams Associates Limited.

Dennis Adams Associates provides a range of specialised IT Consultancy services which are focused on the area of IT Production, - the management who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the IT Infrastructure Support Teams (Systems Managers, Database Admins, Networking and Computer Operations).

IT Production is one of those areas of IT which can be sometimes ignored. Yet studies have shown that the cost of Maintenance and Operational Support of Applications can be a significant percentage of the overall cost of the Application. In some cases, the Support Costs of an Application may make the difference between whether it is viable or not.

Software Development is responsible for delivering an Application.

This Application is an enabler; - it gives the company the Capability of deriving Business Benefit.

However, this Business Benefit only becomes Realised when the Application is running in a Live context - IT Production.

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that proposed Applications are IT Production-Ready, that is to say they are capable of being scaled, maintained, supported, monitored and managed. We recommend that IT Production assesses Applications to ensure that they conform to Production-Ready Criteria prior to deployment.

Home page for MOPS - Metrics. Operational Tools, Processes and Procedures, Standards Once the Application has been deployed, we have identified Four key elements which need to be in place if an IT Production team is to succeed. We have called these the MOPS Criteria:

  • Metrics (both technical, and client activity)
  • Operational Tools (for metrics collection, as well as infrastructure management)
  • Processes and Procedures, and
  • Standards.

If these elements are in place, we believe that an IT Production department can be made:

  • more Pro-Active,
  • more Client-Focused
  • a Strategic Managed Environment
  • in a better position to justify IT Infrastructure Investment
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The company was founded in June 2002, and started trading in 2004 with a mission statement:

"To Advise, Assist and Serve the IT Departments of Medium-Sized Companies, to enable them to implement Quality Production Readiness to their IT Infrastructures"

We are able to work with Medium-sized companies - that is to say organisations with between 10 and 250 people in the IT Department.

Client Companies of this size are likely to have already split their organisation along classic Development / Production remits. This move, whilst a logical one in respect of organisation and specialisms, can lead to a loss of appreciation of the importance of "Production Readiness". As I.T. organisations get larger, and teams get more specialised, there is a on-going need for cross-team education on "what the other team does". This is where Dennis Adams Associates is able to help.

Client companies typically have a distinct IT budget with an IT manager (or director) with board-related authority. Often, such a company would say that it has an I.T. Strategy "in the making". Here again, Dennis Adams Associates is able to help client companies nurture and grow a distinct IT Strategy which answers to their own IT and Business Needs.

Keep track of News and Views in the Latest IT Production Blog.

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