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Technical White Papers

This section of the web site is used to publish Technical White Papers. These papers may be freely distributed and copied without charge. Please include an acknowledgement when doing so.

Tandem NonStop for Beginners
A very brief introduction to the Tandem history and what the NonStop environment looks like. A summary document only, for Unix admins or Infrastructure techie who are curious. tandem4beginners.pdf - 116 KB.

Operating Systems
Solaris 10 Overview
An outline from an IT Production Viewpoint, of the main key features of Solaris 10 and Issues and Guidelines for Solaris 10 deployment. solaris10.pdf - 156 KB.

Java and J2EE
IT Production Assessment of the AZUL Compute Appliance
The introduction of a "Compute Farm" will change the way we deploy Servers in the datacentre. This document assesses the Azul Compute appliance and the revolution it promises to establish. azul_production_a4.pdf - 1.3 MB.
Because of the interest that this topic arouses, we have prepared both a US Letter and A4 size printable document. azul_production_us.pdf - 1.3 MB. [document]
GemFire - IT Production Assessment
A "Production-readiness" assessment of the GemFire Cache software from GemStone Systems. This document also illustrates the structure for a typical IT Production Assessment. gemfireassess.pdf - 496 KB.
Tomcat Application Server
In Preparation: an assessment of the Tomcat Application Server for deployment in IT Production
J2EE - Beginners Terminology Explained
In Preparation: a powerpoint presentation on the different "flavours" of Java, how they are deployed, and benefits.

General Monitoring and Management
TNG Alert - Ingres Log File Full !
Prepared for the October 2000 Ingres User Association, this paper shows how to set up message passing to TNG, in order to monitor Ingres database performance parameters.tngingres.ppt - 207 KB.
Ecotools Case Study
Ecotools implementation as a Database Monitor at BNP Paribas. Prepared for the June 2000 Compuware Technology Focus day.ecofocus.ppt - 863 KB.

Oracle 7 Housekeeping - a DBAs Checklist
This is a brief checklist of the daily housekeeping tasks to be performed by an Oracle DBA. No doubt there are other tasks which need to be added. Each DBA ends up with his own 'favourite list'. Any errors and/or ommissions, please let me know ! dbacheck.pdf - 66 KB.
Oracle 7.1 DBMS Tuning Parameters
Summarises the INIT.ORA parameters, and how they are related to each other. Note: this spreadsheet was based on Oracle 7.1 on Windows. Unix-based parameters not included. ora7par.xls - 33 KB.
Tuning Oracle - Key Considerations Presentation
Presentation prepared in March 1998 for a prospective customer. A brief introduction to the most significant aspects of Oracle architecture and tuning. tune-ora.ppt - 220 KB.
Statistics: A key to improving Oracle Performance
How the Oracle 7 Query Optimizer works, and how to use Analyze Statistics to improve performance. Winter 1997 UK Oracle User Group Journal. oraoptimizer.pdf - 91 KB.

Sybase SQL Show Plan - Beginner's Introduction
This paper is intended to be a very brief introduction to ShowPlan, suitable for developers, or for DBA’s who may have had experience of other Relational Databases. Written in 1999. showplan.pdf - 108 KB.
Sybase 11 Tuning Parameters
Summarises the Sybase 11 parameters. Some more work required on these to make it into a genuine spreadsheet model - any takers ? syb11par.xls - 33 KB.

Netutil - Basic Principles
Based on notes taken in 1998-2000, this article summarises the basics of Ingres/Net, and how some of the quirks of the Netutil utility can be exploited - in preparation.
Monitoring Ingres Deadlocking
appeared on the Common Sense Computing Website in 1998, and discusses a strategy for monitoring Ingres Deadlocks ingdeadlocks.pdf - 64 KB.
Ingres IMA - Myth and Reality
This article was written in 1997, and discusses the IMA facility, which was introduced as part of CA-OpenIngres version 1.1. The article is now slightly dated. The latest version of Ingres is INGRES II, introduced in 1999. However, the basic principles still apply. imamyth.pdf - 59 KB.
Ingres 6.4 DBMS Tuning Parameters
The relationship between Logging, Locking, QSF pool etc. in shown in formulae in the Ingres Installation and Operations Guide. This spreadsheet incorporates the formula, so that consultants can look at "what if" implications of tuning number of sessions, DMF cache etc. ing64par.xls - 18 KB.
Ingres 6.4 DBMS Architecture Presentation
Presentation prepared for Quest Software on the Ingres 6.4 Architecture. The introduction slides for a training seminar on Ingres tuning. Fairly basic introduction. ingarch.ppt - 142 KB.

Tools and Utilities
In addition to the above papers, we have also developed a small collection of Tools and Utilities for use with Unix/Linux and VMS.

See also examples of some relevant Case Studies which demonstrate the successful implementation of our approach for assisting IT Production Managers.

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